How to Increase Electric Vehicle Battery Life

How to Increase Electric Vehicle Battery Life

In our role as a top Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery Manufacturers in Delhi, we want to help you extend the battery life of your vehicle by using the highest quality product along with tips we will mention further.

EVs are primarily powered by batteries, which are also the most significant monetary component. Since EV batteries can cost up to one-fourth of the total vehicle cost, it is not surprising that people are concerned about optimizing the battery life of their EVs. 

Further, the amount of damage to the EV impacts its residual value and its maximum range. We have a team of the best professionals that provide you with the best solutions to keep your batteries running longer. We are counted among the best Lithium Battery Suppliers in India and have been providing you with batteries for 4 years. We have managed to establish a customer base in this short amount of time.

Battery percentages should be kept between 20% and 80% for electric vehicles:

If your electric vehicle's battery is between 20% and 80% charged, it performs at its optimal level and will have a long lifespan. However, when your electric vehicle's battery is below 20% or over 80% charged, the battery must work harder to avoid degeneration. If you want your EV's battery to last as long as possible, then you must charge it properly. Next, you should make sure that you charge your EV in a strategic manner.

Constant and slow movement:

A slower pace while driving can assist your electric vehicle battery in preserving energy. Lithium Battery Manufacturers in India So if you have the option, take a slower route during your daily commute, such as driving on local roads. It will have a beneficial influence on your car's battery.