Are you searching for a reliable battery that is ideal for the latest innovation-based scooters and bikes? We are known to offer the most long-lasting E Scooter Lithium Battery Manufacturers in Sikkim. They are crafted using the most recent technology with the purpose-built for high ampere-hour capacity. You can rest assured in Sikkim, as our batteries are a great source of power to your EV, they give top range and a longer lifespan.

Best E Bike Lithium Battery Suppliers in Sikkim

It is very important for electric scooters or bikes to be reliable for everyday operation and long-distance transport. We cater to all your power-retaining and other battery requirements as an E Bike Lithium Battery Suppliers in Sikkim. Below mentioned are some features of our li-ion battery.

  • Low maintenance
  • Provides exceptional power. 
  • Protection against voltage variation
  • Rapid charging

Top E Bike Lithium Battery Services in Sikkim

Apart from the product and build quality, our e-scooter battery pricing is substantially cheaper than any other company in Sikkim. They are known to be a highly reliable source of power for the efficient functioning of e-bikes. Besides producing this premium quality battery, we supply you with an E Bike Lithium Battery Services in Sikkim that will last for years.

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Customised Battery

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48V 24AH/30AH

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60.8V 24AH/30AH

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73.6V 30AH

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