Lithium Battery

Karacus Energy Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Lithium Battery Manufacturers in New Delhi and provides a wide collection of batteries to our esteemed clients. The Lithium (Li) batteries have fully transformed the portable electronics industry and are increasingly being used in electronic, solar, cell phones, medical devices, power backups, and electric vehicles (EVs). 

Used in various industries

We are known in the market as the top Lithium Battery Suppliers and Service Provider in India. The Lithium batteries need minimum maintenance and use intercalated Li compounds as electrodes. These batteries are lighter in weight this is why they are used in an extensive collection of products such as mobile devices, personal computers, pacemakers, automobiles etc. 

Require less maintenance

As opposed to other cell chemistries such as lead acid, the lithium battery has strong fundamental technological advantages. These batteries have a high energy density, and the technology is becoming more affordable. We offer these lithium batteries in Delhi/NCR at a leading market price. 

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